Risk Assesments - Eurofeu Asia

fire_risk_assesment.jpgEurofeu Asia believes in making your work and home environment a safer place. We are thus happy to provide you with a risk assesment of your office or home at your convenience. Give us a call and one of our technicians will come, survey your premises and advice you on measures to be taken if any. If required we would also be happy to provide you with a quote on what services we can provide to help you be safe.

Our risk assesments vary in size and detail depending on the project to be assesed. We normally issue our clients with their full risk assesments from 1 to 7 days after the final inspection of premises.

We cooperate with the N°1 Mongolian insurance provider, Mongol Daatgal, to conduct these operations.

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The risk assesment will cover the following topics:
  • Information About Fire
  • What are the causes of Fire?
  • Potential Fire Hazards in the premisses?
  • What are the people most at risk?
  • What detection and warning systems are in place?
  • What Fire Fighting Equipment is in place?
  • What are the escape routes?
  • What emergency lighting is in place?
  • What signs and notices have been installed?
  • What levels of testing and maintenance are carried out?
  • What systems are in place to inform, instruct and train staff?
  • A review of the main fire risks and hazards.
  • Recommendations & Suggested Actions.
  • Disclaimer & Copyright.


  1. Fire risk assesments are published in English, while we will try our best, if required by the client, to also provide a Mongolian version, this will in no way be as detailed as the English version.

  2. The fire risk assesment will include a list of recommendations if appropriate, while we will make the best effort to be accurate and helpful in those recommendations, Eurofeu Asia is in no way responsible for their causes, effects or their installation.