Installation & Maintenance

eurofeu_asia_delivery.jpgEurofeu Asia is able to install all of its range of products and often merge them into an existing system. we also offer a range of maintenance services for all Eurofeu Asia installed products.

The cost of Installation or Maintenance very much depends on the equipment to be installed and the level of maintenance to be carried out. Please contact us if you would like to have your system updated or maintained. Installation and maintenance is included in some of our premium and standard packages.

Delivery is free within Ulaanbaatar for orders over 25,000Tgs.

For tips on how to check yourself your fire extinguishers please click here!

Please note that Eurofeu Asia will not take responsability for products that have not been installed by Eurofeu Asia or that are not maintained according to the recommendations of Eurofeu Asia. For further information about our responsabilities please visit our Product guarantees page.