(Lightning Protection Systems)

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In September 2012, in Venezuela, the lightning has struck 2 gasoline storage tanks overnight in the El Palito refinery, near Caracas. 120 firefighters have been involved to fight this fire during several days. The cost of this accident is huge with losses due to this explosion, destroyed installations to be replaced and lack of productivity.
The official investigation, conducted by local authorities, has demonstrated that the lightning protection system of this refinery (Dissipation Array System) was not satisfactory and should be replaced by another technology such as Early Streamer Emission lightning protection.


How to be well protected against lightning?

Founded in 1955 in Douai (France), Indelec Group has developed a unique advanced lightning protection systems design and installation expertise. The world leading Early Streamer Emission Prevectron® lightning rods are marketed in more than 80 countries through a network of exclusive partners. In addition, the Group opened local subsidiaries in Russia, India and Vietnam.

INDELEC pursues an ambitious research and development policy, owning its High Voltage Laboratory in France and conducting unique test campaigns in real lightning conditions in cooperation with research institutes and Universities.

INDELEC proposes a complete range of lightning protection products and services in accordance with the latest standard requirements:
•    Direct protection including lightning rods, down conductors, lightning counters and earth termination, with the Prevectron range
•    Indirect protection (Surge Protection Devices)
•     Lightning warning system providing early information to users, with the Storm Monitor

INDELEC’s reputation in the field of lightning protection dates back more than fifty years, and since several decades, one of our priorities is to propose continuously optimal protection systems against lightning effects. This has involved both fundamental research into the physical phenomena associated with lightning, as well as extensive product development.

On September 1, 2012, the new NF C 17 102 standard version officially superseded the 1997 version, which is not valid anymore for design or installation purposes. One of main changes is in the annex C “Testing procedures and requirements”, which is requiring a lot of new compulsory tests including mechanical tests, electrical tests in current as well as voltage, electromagnetic compatibility or marking tests.

The new standard version involves now a finest classification of required protection level. This level is calculated through a risk assessment for each project, based on its characteristics such as its location, the size and height of buildings to be protected, the nature of the site and of course, the local lightning activity. This risk assessment is the warranty to propose the best solution for each project without any compromise for safety. With this new classification, the safety for very sensitive sites is increased through specific requirements for such projects.

Furthermore, this standard includes now detailed control and maintenance procedures, with visual inspections and complete check-list. This is essential that our customers get a clear view of required inspections schedule to make sure that a complete lightning protection installation is still fully efficient.

INDELEC is proud to confirm that his full range of air terminals is meeting all these new requirements to propose “state of the art” and updated lightning solutions. All our products have been scrupulously inspected and certified by the well-known 3rd party certification company, Bureau Veritas. The complete range of Prevectron has always been tested and certified in February 2013 by Russian authorities.